Soquel Camp Meeting

July 14-23, 2016

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Soquel Conference Center

1931 Soquel San Jose Rd. Soquel, CA 95073
Ph: 1-831-460-9811 Fax: 1-831-429-1404

While on the grounds, you may check for messages at the Information Booth 1-831-464-4941.




Soquel Camp Meeting is a yearly gathering for Seventh-day Adventist Christians and others who come from all over California and beyond for ten days of spiritual refreshing. It is a place where you may listen to some of the most inspiring inspiring Spirit-filled speakers and renew old friendships or make new ones. The topics covered in the messages and seminars range from ‘how to live a Christian life to bible prophecy to healthful cooking. While many ‘commute’ to Soquel Conference center to take advantage of specific offerings, many choose to camp on the grounds for part or all of the ten days.

Phone Numbers/Messages: Registration: 1-831-460-9811; Speakers and schedule: 559-347-3000. Registration Office from July 10-24: 1-831-464-4942.



Directions: South of Santa Cruz take the Bay Ave./Porter St. exit off Hwy. 1, turn inland. Porter St. becomes Old San Jose Rd. The campground is on the left about two (2) miles from the freeway.


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What You Need to Know:

Children: Parents/guardians are responsible to know the location and activities of their children at ALL times. Minors under the age of 18 who are left on the campground without adult supervision will be sent home. Please come prepared to supervise your children.

Parking: All vehicles are to be parked in the designated parking areas only. In general you are permitted to load or unload your belongings at your site. Special parking permit requests are handled by the Parking & Transportation Office.

Accidents/Medical Emergency: First Aid for minor medical needs are provided on the campground by trained Emergency Medical Technicians at Security.

Lost/Found: Bring lost and found items to the Information Booth, next to Registration.
Maintenance Needs: If you notice something broken or in need of repair, please inform someone in the Superintendent's Office (across from the main Adventist Book Center entrance) or at Registration/Information.

Quiet Time: Quiet time hours are between 10:00 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. Please be respectful of your neighbors.

Registration Office Hours

Sun - Wed 8:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Thu - Fri 8:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Saturday 8:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Information Booth Hours

7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily

Laundry Facilities: There are coin-operated washers and dryers next to some of the shower facilities. Bring quarters.

Shower Facilities: Shower facilities are available on both sides of the Main Auditorium free of charge. Please leave them as clean as you would like to find them. While there may be long lines for the shower, we encourage you to take this opportunity to get acquainted with fellow campers.

Cafeteria/Burger Bar: The cafeteria is open Sunday through Friday only for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is sold by the item. Tickets are not sold. The Burger Bar is open Sunday through Friday and after the Saturday evening meeting.

For Your Safety: The campground is a smoke-free, alcohol-free, drug-free environment. Smoking, drinking and/or use of illegal drugs are not permitted. Additionally, inappropriate and/or abusive language is prohibited.

For Your Protection: State laws, Santa Cruz County ordinances and fire regulations are enforced on the campground. It goes without saying that firearms, weapons and fireworks are prohibited. Soquel Conference Center is private property. The Conference reserves the right to have anyone removed from the property. Persons who are required by law to regis- ter as sex offenders and who appear on the Megan's Law Internet web site, or any similar web site, are not allowed at the Soquel Conference Center during Camp Meeting. Your compliance with this policy will avoid the possibility of unneces- sary embarrassment to your and/or your family members.

Things with Wheels: Bicycles, scooters, skateboard, roller blades, etc. may not be used on the campground for safety reasons.

Local/State Parks and Area Hotels: Go to for more details. If you are unable to obtain a site on the campgrounds, please check availability of sites with these area campgrounds. Area campgrounds fill up several months ahead of summer, so be sure to check early!

PETS: Are allowed in RVs ONLY. A $30 Pet Fee and $20 deposit per pet is charged. Proof of vaccination required.



Applicants must be at least 21 years of age or married and attending with their spouse. Apply for only one site at a time. For additional registrations, please repeat the registration process..

Retaining Your Same-site Privilege: Deadlines!
• If you would like the same full-time location you had for 2015 camp meeting we must receive your fully paid application before September 30 if you are bringing your RV, and before March 31 for all other sites.
• Same-site Privilege may be forfeited if your RV is shorter than your space by more than five feet.
• Same-site Privilege applies to members of CCC and to all areas of the campground.
You may not resell, sublet or give your site to anyone else. (Many people are in line on waiting lists.)

First-come/First-served: Applications for 2016 may be submitted beginning July 19, 2015. Following the Same Site deadlines, all other applications are assigned first-come/first-served.

Financing Camp Meeting: Camp meeting is largely funded through the rental of cabins, tent and RV sites and offerings. This income helps to pay for the speakers, campground staff and the programs in all of the divisions. This funding structure allows you to enjoy the most inspirational speakers in the Adventist church today without paying any conference fees.

Part-time Attendees: Submit your application as soon as possible. Part-time assignments will begin Monday, June 30, 2016. Part-time campers are charged at the daily rate. Call to verify actual site assignment area.

Out-of-conference Applicants: Applications may be submitted at any time. Full-time requests will be assigned April 15, 2014. Part-time applications are assigned June 30, 2014. Out-of-conference applicants may retain their Same-site privi- lege for the year 2014 provided they had Same-site rights in 2005, have kept them each year since and their application is received and fully paid by the September 30 deadline for RVs and March 31 for campground tents and private tents.


General Cancellations/Refunds Policy: Full refunds are given through May 15, 2016. Through June 30 the refund will be 90% of your fee. No refunds are given for cancellations after June 30. Be a Blessing to someone who is on the Wait- ing List for a space--Call us if your plans change.

Retaining Same Site: Same-site Privilege may be kept for a maximum of 2 years if you have registered and are unable to attend. Refund is dependent on the date of notification. Those who don't show and fail to notify us will forfeit their same- site privilege.

By February 15 – 70% By March 15 – 50% By April 15 – 30% No refund after June 15.

Checking In: Before occupying your site go to the Registration Office to receive your registration placard. This must be displayed at your site.

Checking Out: Daily check-out is 11:00 a.m. Check-out instructions are on the back of your registration placard. If vacating your space prior to July 24, bring your registration placard to the Registration Office. Final check-out deadline is 11:00 a.m. Sunday, July 24.

Early Arrivals: You may bring your RV prior to Thursday, July 14 to avoid the rush. The campground opens at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 10, 2016. An additional fee will be charged for each night you occupy your site prior to Thursday, July 14. To park your RV prior to July 10, you must make arrangements with the campground manager.

Late Arrivals: If you arrive after hours you may need to make other housing arrangements. Weekend guests must check in before sundown on Friday. We are unable to provide accommodations for those who arrive after that time. RVs will not be parked after dark but will be directed to a no utility parking area until the next morning or Sunday morning if you've arrived on Sabbath.




Several kinds of on-site accommodations are available for Camp Meeting:  Cabins, RV sites, ready-to-rent canvas campground tents, and tent sites.  In addition there are low cost off-site accommodations in the dormitories of Monterey Bay Academy.

Cabins: Cabin availability is very limited. Applicants must be at least 70 years of age and have church membership within the Central California Conference or have a trust with our Conference Association. Qualifying applicant must attend full-time. Following the squatter's deadline, cabin assignments are made in the order in which applications are received. Four twin-sized beds (bunks) and a small dresser are available in each cabin. You need to provide your own bedding, ice chest or other furnishings. Keys are available for a $5.00 refundable deposit for each key. There is a four (4) person limit per cabin set by the Fire Marshall.

Private Tenting: Is available in Shady Grove, South View, Eucalyptus Grove, Ocean View or Hill Top. Spaces are approximately 16 feet square. Not all sites are level. Campground cots and mattresses are not available for private tenting. Campfires, open flames, gas or propane lanterns and heaters are prohibited. In Shady Grove and Hill Top, cooking is per- mitted in the designated cooking area ONLY and you MUST have a fire extinguisher with you at all times when cooking.

Campground Tents: Tents are available in South Terrace and North Terrace. Not all tent sites are level. Two metal cot frames are provided for each tent site. Extra cots are stacked at the end of tent rows and are available on a first-come/first-served basis. You may rent up to 4 campground mattresses for $2.00 each, which will be available on a first-come/first-served basis Bring your own bedding, tables, chairs, ice chest or other furnishings. No electricity is supplied to tents. Campfires, open flames, gas or propane lanterns, heaters, and cook stoves are prohibited. Use battery powered lighting only. Cookhouses with sinks, electrical outlets and gas burners are available for cooking meals.

Out-of-conference Applicants: Applications may be submitted at any time. Full-time requests will be assigned April 15, 2016. Part-time applications are assigned June 30, 2016. Out-of-conference applicants may retain their Same-site privilege for the year 2015 provided they had Same-site rights in 2005, have kept them each year since and their application is received and fully paid by the September 30 deadline for RVs and March 31 for campground tents and private tents.

Monterey Bay Academy: If you have a room in 2015 and want a room in 2016, are a member of CCC and register by March 31, you will be assured of a room. We cannot promise the same room will be available. Rooms have one bunk bed and two dressers. No cooking (including microwaves) is permitted in the rooms. You may use the kitchenette. Laundry, TV, and exercise rooms are restricted for student use only. Pets are not permitted. Check-in time is noon Thursday, July 14; check-out time is 2 p.m. Reserve by calling 831-460-9811. Early arrival is not permitted.

Recreational Vehicles:  A variety of RV accommodations are available.  See the box below if you’d like to bring an RV.


Recreational Vehicles

RVs: Slide-outs, awnings, canopies, tables and furnishings are permitted if kept within the lines of your site. Tenting or sleeping outside is not permitted in RV areas. Electricity: Use a three-prong cord not longer than 25 feet and without splicing. Do not plug one RV into another RV's electrical system. Fill propane tanks before arriving. Mobile propane service is not available. Generators may be used between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. only. Exhaust extensions are required for all generators.

A free RV dump station is available behind the Case Lot Food Sales building. Please avoid using the dump station until check-out time in consideration of those camped near that area.

RV Length Surcharge: An RV is measured in feet and inches from the very front bumper to the very back including spare tires, hitches and ladders. Measure tent-trailers in the open position. If on arrival your RV is longer than you reported, and does not fit the space assigned, you risk not having a site for Camp Meeting.

RV length              Daily                          Full

25-30 ft.                 $3                              $25

30-35 ft.                 $6                              $50

35-40 ft.                 $9                              $75

Over 40 ft.             $12                           $100

North Park: RVs with slide-outs only. Electricity, water and sewer. Awnings, tables and chairs are permitted within the lines of your site.

Slide-Out Area: Rvs with slide-outs only. Electricity, water and gray water drainage hookups only. Be sure you have an appropriate reducer on your drain cover that will attach to your own 3/4 inch drain hose*. Awnings, tables and chairs are allowed within the lines of your site.

Meadow: Electricity, water and sewer. Slide-outs, awnings, canopies, tables and furnishings are permitted within the lines of your site.

Central City: Full hookups in Rows 1-5. Rows 6-9 are currently gray-water only, but should be Full Hookup by July of 2016.  If you are in Rows 6-9, bring an appropriate reducer to fit your drain cover that will attach to your own 3/4 inch drain hose in case Rows 6-9 are not yet Full Hookup. Slide-outs, awnings, canopies, tables are permitted if kept within the lines of your site.

No Utility RV Area is available in Shady Grove.


Registration Information

1.         The earlier you register and pay for a site, the higher priority you will be given in site-assignment.

2.         If you register for the same site you had last year and wish to retain same-site-privileges, either register with the same name or let us know. In other words, if  Marlan Knittel registered for a site the prior year and wanted that same site, it would be ideal if Marlan were the registrant for the upcoming camp meeting. If his wife Sylvia wanted to register for the same site and keep same-site-privileges, she would need to either Register under Marlan’s name and ask for the same site OR she would need to register under her own name, ask for the same site AND ask Wanda via email for same-site privileges to be given to Her and her husband’s site-registration. 

3.         While you will be asked to guarantee your registration with a credit-card, your card will only be charged if:  a) when a site is assigned to you (i.e. if there is an available site) or b) if you specifically tell us that it would be OK to charge the card anytime.

Pricing Information

Because Central California Conference constituents regularly support Soquel Conference Center through monthly offerings they are charged a discounted rate (shown in parenthesis) for sites at Soquel Camp Meeting. Remember that it is your site-fees that help to offset a majority of the cost of Soquel Camp Meeting.

"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" Psalm 133:1 KJV

2016 Camp Meeting Rates


In Conference

Out of Conference


Full Time

Part Time

Full Time

Par Time






Campground tents





Private Tenting





Southview & Eucalyptus Gr





Shady Grove/Private Tenting





Ocean View/Hilltop










North Park





*Slide-Outs(full. Util)





Meadow(full utilities)





Central City(Full Utilities)







 Meadow Electricity Only





Shady Grove RV (no Utilities)










MBA Girls/Boys Dorm Rooms





MBA Girls Dorm Guest Rooms





MBA Boys Dorm Guest Rooms






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