Soquel Camp Meeting Program Schedule


2009 Camp Meeting Speakers: 

Opening Weekend (July 17-18)

Fredrick Russell, the new president of the Allegheny West Conference which serves the "regional" Seventh-day Adventist work in Ohio, West Virginia, and parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. For 27 years, Russell has served as pastor and visionary leader. In 2005, while pastor of the Miracle Temple church in Baltimore, MD., he founded the Innovative Impact Pastor's Leadership Conference. The now annual event draws attendees from all over the world. (  Russell says, "The church is "ground zero" in preparing the world for the coming of the Lord." He fervently believes that when Jesus' followers receive afresh the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Christ's character will be fully reflected in His people.

July 18 Sabbath Afternoon Program 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

"A Vision of Heaven" Concert by Christian Berdahl, director of Shepherds' Call Ministry, and Bill Liversidge, president of Creative Growth Ministries and "Victory in Jesus" seminar presenter this year. Don't miss this powerful time of worship of music with inspired words, intertwined with a timely message of victory available to all of Jesus followers.  



Closing Weekend (July 24-25)

For Adventists, Mark Finley and evangelism are synonymous! Currently a General Conference vice president after serving nearly two years directing the Center for Global Evangelism for the world church, he is best known as a television speaker for It Is Written for 20 years and the NET evangelism satellite series. He has preached more than 100 meetings around the globe with baptisms numbering in the thousands. His front-line experiences sharing the three angels' messages remind his audiences of how great God is and how soon He is coming!  

July 25 Sabbath Afternoon Program 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

A Soquel Home Coming Concert, directed by Randy Brehms and "An Incredible Family Journey", the astounding, hilarious (at times) and miraculous journey of three Rosario brothers, two Tello brothers and a girlfriend, Jessica, who later married a Tello. Converted in 2000 and still under 30, they all now serve in Central California.     

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